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All people require a valid driving license for a car or scooter!
Booking required. Full payments are due two weeks prior to coming over.
Deposit to be paid before the start of the trip: Less than 8 people = € 150.- and over 8 people: € 250.-.
Insurance requires € 175.- policy excess.
No cancellations within 14 days before coming over.
Het Klooster van Dalfsen has the right to cancel a tour, for example when the weather forecast is exceptionally bad.
Solex / Puch rental at your own risk.
Het Klooster van Dalfsen accepts no liability for any damage done to the tenant, other people and/or goods, during the rental period.
Het Klooster van Dalfsen accept no liability for personal injuries.
We advise you to wear protective clothing, such as closed shoes, instead of flip-flops or bare feet.
Oil and grease could cause stains on shoes and clothing. Please keep this in mind.
Before and during the Solex or Puch ride, no alcoholic beverages are permitted.
In case of theft, the tenant is liable for the current value of the Solex or Puch.
Speed tickets are to be paid by the tenant.
Keep to the itinerary when riding your Solex or Puch.
Don’t return late, as this will delay the following group. We charge € 10.- extra for every 30 minutes per Solex or Puch.
Please obey traffic rules. Moreover local police regulation strictly forbids:

·         Riding on dirt roads

·         Riding on and off curbs

·         Colliding the Solexes when in motion

·         Transporting one or more people

The tenant will inform all participants of these conditions.